Event Menú

Events included:

  • Glassware and tablecloths.
  • Desk service.
  • Use of event room.
  • Security personnel in our
  • Facilities.
  • Discount with our partners.
  • Additional cost only for the piñata room.

Premium Altamira Menu

It offers you the following options for your choise:

  • Chicken breast in three sauce………………………………………….     $13.99
  • Stuffed chicken breast with ham and chees…………………..  $13.99
  • Turkey in creole sauce……….……………………………………………………..    $14.99
  • Stuffed loin of vegetable and bacon in criolla sauce………… $14.50

Two accompaniments to choose from:


  • Rice green.
  • Rice with ham.
  • Rice weathered.


  • Garden salad.
  • Sautéed vegetables in butter.
  • Salad of potatoes, apples and seeds.

Entry to choose:

Tomato bruschetta with cheese

Rolled spinach with cheese

Baked dad with cheese sauce

All our dishes include:

1 French bread, iced te, coffee.


Altamira Menu

It offers you the following options for your choice:

Entry to choose:

Vegetable skewer with vinaigrette sauce.

Rolled spinach with cheese.

Mushroom toast with garlic.

Main dish:

  • Mushroom sauces.
  • Asparagus sauce.
  • Creole Sauce.


  • Rice with petit pois.
  • Gardener rice.
  • Rice with elotito.


  • Codito salad.
  • Russian salad.
  • Salad of potatoes, apples
  • and seeds.

All our dishes

Include: 1 French bread, 1 iced tea, coffee.

Price per plate: $ 10.99


"Taran" Menu.

Main dish:

·        Grilled chicken breast with spices in sauce of your choice:

·        Spicy sauce.

·        Caramelized sauce.

·        White sauce.

·        Cilantro sauce.

Our dish include:

·        Home salad.

·        Rice with elotitos.

·        Iced tea

·        1 french bread.

·        For each 10 people, dip of ham or spicy with chips.

Price per plate: $ 9.90 WITHOUT IVA.

Pastry Menu

Choose from our options:

Option 1:

Chicken pie.

1/2 Ham and cheese sandwich.

House salad.

Option 2:

Egg and cheese.

 Portion of fried yucca.

Option 4:

Corn tamale, cheese and cream.

Bananas in glory.

Fried frijolitos.

All our options include:

Dessert to choose: Vanilla Flan, Quesadilla, chocolate or vanilla pan.

Welcome cocktail to choose: lemonade with watermelon, lemonade with pineapple, orange with carrot.

Iced tea and coffee.

Price per plate: $ 9.90


Breakfast Menu

·        Chicken  tamale, order of fried beans, house sauce, cheese, fried banana, french bread.

·        Scrambled eggs with vegetables or ham, order of fried beans, cheese, order of fried plantain, french bread .

·        Scrambled eggs with spinach, order of fried beans, fried banana, french bread.

·        Sandwich inciabatta bread, stuffed with egg bathed in cheese and onion sauce, mix of peppers and fine touches of jalapeño. Served with a mix of fresh fruits.

·      All our breakfasts include coffee with refill

 Price per plate $ 4.95

   Option to change : The drink for a juice of natural orange and American 8onz price per plate $5.50

Coffee Break Menu

Piece of chicken pie.
· Grilled chicken breast croissant, seasoned with German sauce.
· Sandwich in ciabatta bread, stuffed with ham seasoned with cheese and onion sauce, mix of peppers and fine touches of jalapeño.
(min 15 people)
· ½ panini * Mixed Ham (delicious combination of hams and Swiss cheese, seasoned with German sauce).
· ½ panini * Italian (Chicken seasoned with spices, accompanied by basil and tomato).

You can choose an accompaniment:

  • Hash Brown
  • French fries
  • Fruit mix
  • Homemade salad

All our dishes are accompanied by ‘two drinks: 1 glass of 8 onz ice tea. 1 cup of 8 onz American coffee.

* Measure of ½ panini: 12cm.

Price per plate $ 6.99 *


A new concept in Santa Ana.

Offering you different menus about coffee, breakfast, lunch, desserts and snacks.

Café Altamira Santa Ana

Café Altamira

2421 – 7284


Avenue. Fray Felipe de Jesus Moraga south # 17. In front of Stadium “Oscar Alberto Quiteño”.
Santa Ana (El Salvador)


Monday – Tuesday – CLOSED

Wednesday – Thursday – from 11:00am to 8:30pm

Friday – from 11:00am to 10:00pm

Saturday – from 9:00am to 10:00pm

Sunday – from 9:00am to 6:00pm

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